Christmas Day Marathon - Teenage Cancer Trust

As part of our commitment to good causes, we have organised a solo Christmas day marathon through the streets of Manchester in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.
This year it seems, i have been press ganged into running the marathon dressed as Santa, i will be setting off at 4 am so hopefully no one will see, aside from restless kids staring out of their windows looking for father Christmas, i apologise in advance.....
As a prelude to the run, here we meet with two friends of the brand who have been affected by cancer, mother and daughter Tanya and Georgia Dodsworth of Bradford, Yorkshire.
Georgia was just Twenty One years old when diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in her throat and neck in June 2016, a terrifying diagnoses for anyone, here is snapshot of their story.
Georgia had quite a few lumps and was repeatedly told by doctors that her illness was merely glandular or symptoms of stress.
Georgia knew there was something wrong but they weren't listening to her.This is why Georgia always says get a second or third opinion.
Had they tested Georgia initially they would have caught the lymphoma at stage one, stage one can be cured with radiotherapy, unfortunately my daughter was stage two when eventually diagnosed.
This of course was the worse news ever for us both, I just put on a front telling Georgia they can work miracles these days.As a mother i tried to stay positive, but inside I was in pieces, my daughter was on a cocktail of chemo therapies and was very ill.
Georgia was in hospital most of the time after treatment, constantly being sick and  suffering from dehydration,Georgia is able to offer so much good advice to other youngsters with cancer and does so on a regular basis.
At stage two, patients also require chemotherapy, Hodgkin's lymphoma is one of the easier  cancers to cure but the treatment for stage two is one of the harshest treatments available, as each patient has a cocktail of chemo therapies to cope with.
She was so desperately ill, It was heartbreaking to watch her go through this constant suffering. I was broken inside watching my child suffering so, I had to put on a brave face for my daughter, play the strong lady but  all said and done it was Georgia that was stronger than i could ever imagine.I'm so very proud of her.
The day Georgia rang the bell a few months later, when given the all clear, was the happiest day of my life.
Our hopes for the future is that Georgia doesn't get secondary cancer. That she can have children, most women dread becoming a 'Gran' but i couldn't think of anything that would make me happier.
Hopes that Georgia gets better in her mind and finds some peace from this terrible time in both our lives, it really has affected us both but we are all the closer and stronger for it.
Missy Moo for the free photo shoot.It boosted Georgia's confidence so much after she shaved her hair.
Michaela Kenworthy for doing semi-permanent eyebrows free as she lost hers and they were not growing back.
I would like to thank Jess, the nurse she came to all my appointments and Mel the social worker that helped me with paperwork and appointments and getting to therapy and of course Carrie who worked on the ward with Teenage Cancer Trust.
Carrie helps host days out and days in on the ward for people to get to know each other during "the way forward program, chomp and chat, finding your sense of tumour, beauty days" and so on.
I would say always check your body at any age and that you know your body more than anyone else, so if you feel something is wrong then see a doctor or three, if you have to.
My mum has been with me throughout the whole ordeal, taking time off work to take me to all my appointments, staying by my side when i  was constantly throwing up, i couldn't have asked for a better mum.
Again, if it doesn't feel right, get a second and third opinion, Georgia xx
With many thanks to Tanya and Georgia, this article will also feature in the next edition of Northern Revive Magazine, due for release mid October.
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