Our Story

The Great British Clothing Company

The Great British Clothing Co.  was established in 2014 initially as Go Brutal Sports born of the 'brutal ' training regime required for our Charity Ultra Marathons raising funds for terminally ill children and teenagers, who, along with their parents summon ' Courage over Fear ' every minute of every day.

The brand is heavily influenced by culture, music and film, especially that of Great Britain, England & Manchester circa 70's 80's and 90's. With of course, a nod to the best of our American cousins, music that inspired me during the difficult times in training and made me dance like a dinosaur chasing a chicken at nightclubs, back in the day.

Ska to Punk to Electro to Hip Hop, Indie to House to Madchester and Brit Pop all of which can be found by clicking the play buttons found throughout the website.

The brand was created developed and designed by myself David Charlesworth a proud son of Manchester and Great Britain.

We specifically created a brand that everyone can enjoy, a brand with character and personality a brand that reflects the music, the humour, kindness and style of the city and country i grew up in, the country that shaped me, we also aim to help those less fortunate or able in our community via The Courage over Fear Foundation as much as possible, as we firmly believe the able bodied have a duty to help those that are not.

All our garments are of the highest quality possible, designed with an eye for colour and style, promoted with a dash of good humour and a couple of piss takes, we take everything we do seriously if not ourselves.
Thank you.


The Great British Clothing Company

Courage over Fear

D Charlesworth, big daft manc and some little berk from Yorkshire
With special thanks to.
All of the artists, bands and films within the website that inspired us.
And of course
Michael O'Conner, Jane Halliday, David Staley, Marvin Jarvis, Neil Harris, Mike Chaloner.
Lewis Clarke, Anthony Hughes, Audrey Reddington,
The Blackley Lions.
  Julie McGillavray Catherine Davis, Luis Jones, Simon Reed.
Richard Simpkin,Luke Browning, Ivor Bourne,
Dave Law, Clint Boon, Stu Allan, K-Klass,
Jonathan O'Garr.
808 State.
Mike & Claudia Royle, Stephen Tandy.
Howard Marriot, Jonny Haley, Gary Burke, Jo Ken Lewis, Nicola Greaves.
Daniel & Alfie Charlesworth
    In memory of Joan Charlesworth 1937-2019